​     Tree's


     6.5' Pre-Lit Mixed Cashmere Pine   Medium Artificial Christmas Tree - Clear    Lights  ​6.5' high (from the base of stand   to  the top of the tree) 38" base diameter
  9.5' Pre-Lit Grand Teton Artificial   Christmas Tree - Warm Clear LED Light (9.5 feet high (from the base of    the stand to the top of the tree) 80"   base diameter) Commercial grade         LED lights use 90% less energy

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  7' Pre-Lit Color Changing          Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree - Multi Lights
   4' x 31" Pre-Lit Sparkling Chartreuse 
 ​Green Artificial Christmas Tree - Green Lights 4' high (from the base of the stand
 ​to the top of the tree) 31" base diameter 150 green lights Bulb size: mini 413 tips
    ​2" wide tips 30" green lead cord
  6.5' Pre-Lit Traditional Mixed Pine Artificial 
 ​ Christmas Tree - Clear Lights 6.5 feet high   (from the base of stand to the top of the tree) 46 inch base diameter 718 branch tips Pre-lit                  with 300 clear mini lights
      9' Pre-Lit Grantwood Pine Artificial     Christmas Tree - Multi Lights 9 feet high      (from the base of stand to the top of the   tree) 68 inch base diameter 3568 branch tips Pre-lit with 1050 multi-color mini lights
 2' Pre-Lit Pink Candy Fantasy Decorated     Artificial Christmas Tree - Clear Lights
     2 feet high x 10 inch base diameter Material(s) Pre-lit with 50 clear lights Pre-              decorated with pink glitter
   3' Pre-Lit LED Natural Two-Tone Pine Artificial   Christmas Tree -Clear Lights (3 feet high (from the base of the stand to the top of the tree) Distance from floor to the first row of branches: 5 inches Material(s)                    50 clear candlelight LED lights
Jointed Christmas Tree 6'- Pack of 12
  Dimensions: 36"Lx25.5"Wx1.25"H.
    Weight: 14 lbs. Sold as 12 Pack.