Celebrity​  Books
   Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters
          239 Pages​

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Marilyn: The Passion and
 ​the Paradox 515 Pages

The Hiltons: The True Story  
   ​of an American Dynasty
Celebrity Culture (Opposing 
    ​Viewpoints)191 Pages

Fourth Grade Celebrity  
Paperback 117 Pages

My Story Marilyn Monroe
             185 Pages​

The Last Days of
 Marilyn Monroe
     532 Pages​
Marilyn Monroe:
​The Biography 
   698 Pages​
Marilyn Monroe:
    289 Pages​


Hollywood Hoofbeats

        (223 Pages)

Hollywood Lost

   (320 Pages)

   Vintage Secrets:
  Hollywood Beauty

Paperback (96 Pages)

Hollywood Babylon

Creatocracy: How the Constitution 
            Invented Hollywood

          (Paperback)123 Pages

Chinese in Hollywood
  (Images of America)

(Paperback) 127 Pages

Hollywood Style: Fun Fashions
       You Can Sketch (Snap)

       (Paperback) 32 Pages

Cinematic Portraits: How to Create
  Classic Hollywood Photography   

          (Paperback) 128 Pages

Hollywood Enigma: Dana Andrews (Hollywood Legends)   
      (Paperback) 314 Pages

An Actor's Guide: Your
First Year in Hollywood

(Paperback) 320 Pages

Epic Sound: Music in Postwar 
   Hollywood Biblical Films

     (Paperback) 272 Pages

Phantom Ladies: Hollywood
 Horror and the Home Front

     (Paperback) 211 Pages

Charles Walters: The Director Who Made Hollywood Dance  
        (Screen Classics)

    (Paperback) 322 Pages

Tom Cruise: Performing Masculinity in Post Vietnam Hollywood (International
           Library of Moving Image)

            (Paperback) 272 Pages

Elizabeth Taylor: The Life of a
         Hollywood Legend
      (Paperback) 128 Pages

The Big Picture: Money And Power in Hollywood
  (Paperback) 402 Pages

The Mailroom: Hollywood
History from the Bottom Up


The Mysterious Montague: A True Tale of 
   Hollywood, Golf, and Armed Robbery

               (Paperback) 303 Pages

The Whole Equation: A History
     Of  Hollywood (Vintage)

     (Paperback) 402 Pages

Garden of Dreams: The Life of Simone
       Signoret (Hollywood Legends) 


Gloria Swanson: Ready for Her
Close-Up (Hollywood Legends)

       (Paperback) 479 Pages

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